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Bark Buster Wood Splitter

The Bark Buster Wood Splitter was a screw type wood splitter that first came on the market in the 1970's. These splitters came in two different models - some attached to a PTO (power take-off) drive on a tractor or truck, while others were simply individual units powered by gas.In 1991, the federal government placed a recall on Bark Buster brand log splitters. The Consumer Protection Safety Commission warned people against using this product, as they had found it to be very dangerous after investigating customer claims. Models from up until the 1998 version were all considered unsafe, with the potential to cause serious injuries to a persons arms, hands, fingers or legs. At the time of the report Bark Busters had caused four major injuries and one death. Since then, these wood splitters are no longer made - though other brands of auger-type log splitters do exist.

They were considered unsafe because of three key features that were missing. The first was that there was no easily accessible power switch. Along the same lines, the bark buster had no kill switch or "dead man's switch" that could be used to turn off the device in case of an emergency. Finally, the wood splitter didn't have an effective guard to help protect people's bodies from the dangerous auger, which led to people's clothing getting caught.

It's important to learn a lesson from the Bark Buster. If your going to use and auger-type wood splitter or log splitter, be sure that at the very least it contains basic safety functions. It is a powerful tool and deserving of respect and care - anything less can be injurious or fatal.

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Using Manual Wood Splitters

A manual wood splitter is one that operates without any sort of gas or electrical power. There are essentially three different types of manual log splitters. The first, one could argue, isn't really a wood splitter at all - it's just an axe. Technically, it qualifies as a tool that operates without any power source beyond your own muscle. That said, if you're interested in wood splitters it's probably because you're tired of the hard work and time it takes to chop wood with an axe.The first type of manual log splitter looks a lot like some of the common gas or electric ones. It has a hydraulic ram that forces a piece of wood against a splitting wedge. The manual versions aren't powered by gas or electricity, but rather are driven by human force. These operate under the same principle as a hydraulic jack - on scientific standard called Pascal's Principle. The user exerts a small amount of force by pulling a lever, which exerts a larger force on the log, splitting against the wedge.

The other type of manual log splitter uses simple forces of gravity and weight. To use one of these splitters, the user lifts up a small weight that is on a track, and then thrusts it down, where it hits a wedge and drives into the wood. Though the weight is generally less than 10 pounds (and thus fairly easy to life) it can exert tons of pressure and easily split tough pieces of wood. These types of splitters are both fast and safe, and generally easier on the user than either of the other methods.

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timberwolf log splitter | log splitter sale

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Hydraulic Wood Splitter

A hydraulic wood splitter has many advantages over the different type of machines that are available. Although these many not be the ideal choice for everyone, if you own a moderate to large size business where chopping wood is an essential part of the everyday routine, these splitters will most likely be the best option for you. The information below provides three key reasons why purchasing a hydraulic machine may be the best option for you.1. Higher Efficiency- A hydraulic log splitter has a much stronger driving force and pressure behind them than other manual or electric splitter products. This allows you to not only cut wood faster, but to also cut large logs, hard wood types, and at a longer length as well. Hydraulic machines also have the capability of being almost entirely automated, barely requiring you to be involved at all.

2. Work with Existing Equipment- When choosing a hydraulic wood splitter, you have the option of choosing those models which work with your existing equipment. For example, a skid steer log splitting attachment can be hooked up to your front loader, and can use the hydraulics of the machine to run it. Hydraulic splitters are available for almost any type or brand of tractor, front loader, or other equipment, and some can be made so they are compatible with a wide variety of different products at once as well.

3. Low Cost High Benefit- There are lower tonnage hydraulic wood splitters that are much less expensive than other products with higher tonnage. The benefit is though that these low tonnage cheaper hydraulic machines are able to cut more wood in a shorter period of time than the larger more expensive models. This provides you with a low cost by high amount of benefits. Instead of having to purchase a 30 ton machine without hydraulics, you may be able to get by with a 15 ton machine that does utilize hydraulics to get the job done.

Hydraulic machines also have the benefit of being safer than other product types. Manual splitters for example, have a greater risk of causing injury than do hydraulic models. Some hydraulic models do not even require you to lift a finger, as they are capable of loading the logs for splitting.

When it comes to deciding what type of log splitter to purchase, a hydraulic wood splitter may be your best option. There are many benefits that these machines have over their counterparts, and all of them should be weighed before making your final decision. From lower costs to higher work efficiency, it is hard to deny the power and cost efficiency that comes with a hydraulic run model.

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timberwolf log splitter | log splitter sale